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Best Battery To Use For CPAP Camping In 2022


Being sick certainly disturbs the mental health of a person. Travel is the best remedy to get relief from sickness. And it definitely can not stop you from camping. Whether you’re surviving on machines, it doesn’t matter when you have to take a break from life.

Have you seen the movie Breathe? How Robin managed to enjoy his life while being on a ventilator? Then why can’t you camp while suffering from a minor disorder like sleep apnea?

If you use CPAP, you know it needs an electric source to function. And camping spots usually don’t have an electricity supply. But you don’t need to worry when you have the Best Battery To Use For CPAP Camping.

Best Battery To Use For CPAP Camping

There are two types of batteries you can choose to power up your CPAP for camping.

  • CPAP Battery For Camping
  • Portable Power Station For CPAP Camping

We have made a complete list for you to choose one that suits your desire.

AwardBattery  Price
Compatible with AirsenseMAXOAK-CPAPMAXOAK CPAP Check Price
For MesMed AirminiPilot-24-Lite-CPAPPilot-24 Lite CPAP Check Price
Single Battery KitFreedom-CPAPFreedom CPAP Check Price
Power Station 240Jackery-Portable-CPAPJackery Portable CPAP Check Price
Power Station 252.7RAVPower-CPAPRAVPower CPAP Check Price
Power Station 288NinjaBatt-CPAPNinjaBatt CPAP Check Price

Best CPAP Battery For Camping

CPAP batteries are the best to serve as an alternative to electricity in case of a power outage or when you’re on board. If you’re the one suffering from sleep apnea and think you can’t travel, you’re wrong. CPAP battery is what makes your CPAP machine portable.

Here are the 3 best CPAP batteries for camping that are specifically made for CPAP machines that have a built-in battery source.

MAXOAK CPAP: Power Bank Compatible with Airsense


Do you take oxygen therapy regularly? Why is risk missing it when travelling? If you’re doubtful that your campsite has an electricity supply or not, take a backup with you. And there’s no other best backup than the MAXOAK CPAP battery. How? With 297 Wh, it provides enough power to the CPAP machine to run for several hours.

It has a 2.5A USB port that is mainly designed for CPAP machine, yet it can charge 5V devices such as smartphones or laptops. But the product doesn’t include a DC cable or any connector for a laptop; you have to arrange it yourself. However, the unit consists of a DC connector for AirSense, dream station, Respironics, Transcend Mini, and Resmed 9.

Moreover, safety is guaranteed while using this power bank. It features built-in multi-protection that ensures short circuit protection, overcharging protection, and over-discharge protection.

This amazing backup plan can operate your CPAP machine for 3-6 nights in case of no power supply. You can use it while camping or at home for the risk of power outrage if you need sleep therapy regularly.


  • It comes with a charging adapter
  • USB port
  • Can charge mobile phones and laptop too
  • Works for three nights
  • Compact design
  • Makes CPAP portable


  • The LED display is too bright.
  • Heavy. Not ideal for backpack trek.

Pilot-24 Lite CPAP: Power Supply for MesMed Airmini


Are you looking for a power bank that can quickly charge 24V devices? Pilot-24 Lite is not only the best CPAP battery for camping, but it is ideal for PAP, APAP, and BIPAP 24V devices.

Whether you’re going camping or travelling by air, this CPAP battery is your best friend on the board. With its two nights run time, the battery, once fully charged, tempts to provide a peaceful night for a sleep apnea sufferer.

However, you just need to charge it after 6 hours or so if you use it on high pressure and humidifier on. Otherwise, with the average CPAP airway pressure, the battery does wonder. 1.3 pounds of weight makes it travel friendly and portable.

On the downside, the unit does not come with the charging adapter that it should be. But this is not a big issue; because it can be normally charged with the adapter, you use for your CPAP machine.


  • 2 nights run time
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • USB port to charge devices
  • Compatible with CPAP, APAP, BiPAP
  • Lightweight and portable


  • It does not include a charger
  • Not compatible with AirSense 10

Freedom CPAP: Single Battery Kit


Freedom CPAP comes with an entire battery kit for the CPAP machine. The kit includes a CPAP battery, 24V power connector, AC power supply, DC input cord, and connector tips. Besides being a set of all accessories, the lightweight design makes it ideal for travelling as it is easy to carry and move.

The lithium-ion battery is wholly according to FAA requirements during air travel. So you can take it on the flight in your carry baggage without any hesitation.

The battery runs for 24-48 hours without heat systems on. For example, if you turn on the heated humidifier when connected to the battery, it will consume more power, and the battery will get low earlier than expected.

You can easily monitor the charge level on the digital screen display. However, it takes 4 hours to get fully charged when the battery is completely down.

The best part is, the unit not only gives you an option of charging it in the car, but it can be charged with solar energy as well. Intriguing, no? Just put it in the sun, and it will get charged. However, this method takes more time to charge it fully.

Some older brands of CPAP might not be compatible with this battery on the downside.


  • USB cord to charge other devices
  • Portable
  • FAA approved
  • It can be charged by the sun
  • Includes entire kit


  • Not compatible with older brands

Best Portable Power Station For CPAP Camping

Here are some portable power stations that can power multiple devices but can be used as the Best CPAP Battery For Camping as well.

Jackery Portable CPAP: Portable Power Station Explorer 240


If you’re looking for the best power generator that works on lithium-ion batteries, then look no more. Jackery portable generator is the ideal choice for travelling, especially for camping with a CPAP machine.

The portable power generator doesn’t need any fuel or gasoline. It wholly works on batteries that can be recharged in four ways, including a Wall outlet, Car outlet, and Generator. Moreover, it gets most efficiently charged with solar energy.

Whenever the word ‘generator’ comes, you might hear some annoying noise in your head, right? But you’ll be amazed that this power station is not noisy as all other generators.

With its 240Wh capacity, it can charge your CPAP battery when onboard or camping. Besides, it’s a whole power station that can charge an electric heater, laptop, smartphone, drone camera, portable light, and electric blanket.

On the downside, it can not power devices that need a power range over 200W, such as a hairdryer, heated travel mug, blender, and kettle.

To be honest, you can’t always be relying on those noisy generators piercing through your ears with their humming sounds. Sometimes it’s better to have a good quality Solar Panel for consistent electricity without any noise.


  • The power station that can charge multiple devices
  • Ideal for charging CPAP machine
  • Quickly recharged by solar energy
  • Can power four devices at a time
  • Built-in MPPT


  • Heavier to carry.
  • Can not power devices above 200W.

RAVPower CPAP: Portable Power Station 252.7


Not happy with the power station that can power devices only below 200 watts? Try RAV Power that can power up to 300 Watt devices. It has two DC cords, 60-watt input, and 120-watt output.

The compact design is smaller in size yet delivers 252 Wh power, enough to charge a mini refrigerator or a mini TV. In this small size, it supports a high-density premium LG battery. Such features make it the best portable power station for CPAP camping.

If you’re an active sufferer of sleep apnea, this power station can help you with your oxygen therapy along with serving as a power station for other small electronics, including a camera, drone, bulb, laptop, and smartphone.

For emergency cases during camping, the unit has SOS and solid light to use as an alternative to a flashlight. The portable generator can be charged with a solar panel easily. Also, you can charge it with a wall or car outlet.


  • Light indicator
  • 18W QC fast charging
  • 60 watt DC input 120 watt DC output
  • Compact design
  • 252 Wh power
  • Premium LG battery
  • Built-in fan for heat dissipation


  • A heavy but carrying case is a lifesaver.
  • Charging lowers above 80-watt devices
  • Do not support devices more than 250 watts.

NinjaBatt CPAP: Portable Power Station 288


Another mini generator that can power up devices up to 300 watts. Whether you’re travelling or camping with a CPAP machine, don’t forget to take this magical tool with you!

The fact that makes it travel friendly is its small size. Another fact that makes the unit easy and convenient to carry is the ergonomic handle; you can carry it just like an office bag.

Besides being smaller in size, it is ideal for camping as it can charge your electronics several times. Any CPAP machine can be attached to this power station and operated for 3-5 days, depending on the humidifier setting.

The lithium-ion mini generator is not only limited to the CPAP machine, but it can offer 40 recharges to your smartphone, 20 to tablet, and 15 to the laptop. Moreover, it has four USB ports where you can connect the devices.

The unit comes with MC4 cables for convenient solar charging. However, it can be charged by a car socket or any AC socket. The most interesting part is that the generator includes a cigarette lighter port as well.


  • Emergency LED light
  • Pass-through charging
  • MC4 cables for solar charging.
  • Safe short circuit protection
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cigarette lighter port


  • DC cord is too short.
  • It doesn’t include a solar panel.


How do I Use my CPAP without Electricity?

In case you’re planning an outdoor trip, yet are stressing over bringing your CPAP treatment into nature due to no availability of electricity, this guide will help you eliminate all your worries.

CPAP batteries permit you to go farther away from development, yet you will be restricted in how long you can go. Most CPAP battery packs will be beneficial for one or two evenings of power before you run out of battery. If you plan on traveling or climbing into the forest areas or up a mountain, consider getting different batteries. By having a few close by, you can expand the time you’re away from home and can enjoy the long adventure you have planned for you and your family.

Try not to fall into the impulse to skip your treatment while you’re gone. Doing so may leave you with little energy, and your outing may become less pleasant. Stopping your treatment can likewise free you up to more prominent well-being hazards. We wouldn’t suggest it, and neither would your doctor.

There are few ways you can power your CPAP through batteries; those are CPAP batteries, Portable power supply and Power Inverters.

Even you can utilize a vehicle battery to control some CPAP machines. Vehicle batteries are not available with the CPAP. However, they can be found locally at automobile parts stores or get from Amazon. Vehicle batteries are lead-corrosive profound cycle batteries that have a lot bigger limits than a lithium-particle battery. Vehicle batteries can give juice to days.

On the other hand, CPAP batteries are lighter and more affordable than they’ve ever been, and that is an integral motivation behind why they’re getting more popular. These batteries are easily available in local stores and Amazon and can provide enough power for a day.

How Long Will a CPAP Run on a Car Battery?

Although it depends on the CPAP machine, its power, and the pressure that it delivers, but on average a CPAP machine can work about 8 hours on a car battery. However, it is to be noted that if the pressure is increased, the power is increased and the approximate time can then vary. It is a smart choice to have an extra battery if you can afford it.

How can I Power my CPAP While Camping?

You can power the CPAP through an adaptor to plug in with a battery. Besides, a portable power source is also the best way to charge CPAP while camping.

Freedom CPAP is available with a complete battery kit, including a CPAP battery, 24V power connector, AC power supply, DC input cord, and connector tips. Freedom CPAP is most suitable for camping due to its lightweight and easy-to-carry feature.

What Size Battery do I Need for my CPAP?

A 12-volt DC-sized battery is perfect for CPAP because this size is perfect for PAP machines. However, you can also use the following batteries that are available in different sizes:

  1. Jackery Portable CPAP ( 240wh )
  2. RAVPower CPAP ( 252.7wh )
  3. NinjaBatt CPAP ( 288wh )
  4. Pilot-24 Lite CPAP ( 24v )

Is there a Battery Pack for CPAP Machine?

Yes, there is a battery pack for the CPAP machine to charge up the battery for long hours. You can simply use a DC cable to connect and charge it through the battery pack.

The CPAP machine is versatile and portable. If you need to charge the CPAP machine try these battery packs:

  2. Pilot-24 Lite CPAP
  3. Freedom CPAP

How Much Does a Portable CPAP Machine Cost?

The cost of a portable CPAP machine fluctuates between $350 to $400. You can find CPAP machines at different costs according to their capacity. However, you can try these CPAP machines at an affordable cost;

  1. NinjaBatt CPAP
  2. Jackery Portable CPAP
  3. RAVPower CPAP
  4. Freedom CPAP

Final words:

If CPAP therapy is stopping you from going camping, don’t! Because now you have the option of powering it up on the board with the best CPAP battery for camping. We hope our top 6 recommendations of the best batteries or power stations for the CPAP machine helped you find the ideal one.

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