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Best Camping Cookware for Open Fire in 2022

Anyone who has spent time in the outdoors knows everything tastes better in the woods. Whether you backpack your meals in or haul them in a pull trailer, having the best camping dishes can make camp cooking a lot easier.

With the right gear, time spent out in the field can be rustic yet convenient for preparing food. With a good set of camping cookware, you can move beyond the basic need for nutrition and prepare delicious meals — and may even resemble what you’d whip up at home. We guarantee these Best Camping Cookware for the open fire will make cooking and cleaning better, so you can get back to enjoying your time amongst the great outdoors.

8 Best Camping Cookware for Open Fire

AwardCookware Price
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Combo-CookerCombo Cooker Check Price
Deep Camp OvenDutch-OvenDutch Oven Check Price
Kit Gear-Camp MalloMe-CookwareMalloMe Cookware Check Price
Stainless Steel Primus-CooksetPrimus Cookset Check Price
Backpacking CookwareBeGrit-CookwareBeGrit Cookware Check Price
Pots and Pans SetWuudi-CookwareWuudi Cookware Check Price
1.95 Liter PotOvermont-CookwareOvermont Cookware Check Price
10 Piece SetWinterial-CookwareWinterial Cookware Check Price

Combo Cooker: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cooker

The Lodge Cast Iron 3.2-Qt Combo cooker is multi-utilitarian cookware that does wonders with slow-cooking recipes and your entire favourite foods. It is a profound skillet, a fryer, a Dutch oven, and the cover changes over into a shallow skillet or frying pan. This flexible piece of cast-iron cookware permits the preparation of practically any recipe. 

Cast iron loves a campfire, a burner, or an oven and can slow-cook foods without scorching. It holds heat well, so you’ll cook meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious dinners warm for an extremely significant time frame.

Regardless of whether utilized in a kitchen or camp, this indestructible cookware should keep going for ages. Made of cast iron, this Skillet pointlessly disperses heat from the base through the sidewalls. Supporting a smart dark tone, the cast iron Skillet looks great in many kitchens, and it bends over as a good source of healthful iron. Combo incorporates 3.2-Quart Deep Skillet, Dutch oven base, and 10.25-inch top. Cast Iron actually ranks as one of the best cooking tools at any point made. It offers you an almost non-stick surface without the possible destructive fumes created by preheating synthetically treated nonstick cookware.

You can also prefer carrying a simple Portable Pellet Grill for camping to enjoy your meal with friends.

Made up of tough cast ironCoating might chip off
Can resist high temperature Plastic handle melts on open fire

Dutch Oven: Lodge Cast Iron Deep Camp Oven

Just as versatile and convenient as other Lodge camp ovens, the Lodge Logic 8-Quart Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven adds a more profound design for more cooking ability. 

In the past, the seasoning process was never complete until someone cooked countless batches of fried chicken, catfish, and cornbread in the pan or pot to burnish it to a black patina, creating a piece of cookware that could be handed down like an heirloom. This portable cast iron pot can deal with all your camp cooking needs based on a uniquely designed flanged cover that holds hot coals for all-around cooking and inverts for use as a frying pan. Stove sports necessary legs that permit the oven to sit completely over the hot coals of a pit fire or chimney fire.

Convenient eight-quart size estimates 12” across and 5” profound. Its cast-iron development implies the skillet is prepared to utilize directly out of the box. Basic wire bail handle for simple carrying. With the toughness, adaptability, and cooking performance you get from a Lodge Camp Oven, it’s no big surprise this convenient cookware is one of the best camping cookware for an open fire.

Made up of durable Cast ironLegs underneath makes it difficult to use
Perfect for campfire

MalloMe Cookware: Mess Kit Gear-Camp Accessories

When it comes to camping, backpacking, or striking an outdoor adventure, there are certain luxuries that you have to give up to really embrace the journey. Luckily for you, warm, delicious food doesn’t have to be one of them. The MalloMe 10-Piece Cookware Mess Kit, a compact, portable cooking set that lets you cook piping out meals even when the weather turns south. It is constructed of an aluminum anodized material, which creates a hardwearing, non-stick cooking surface that is easy to clean.

This versatile cookware set comes with a pot or pan, so serve and enjoy whatever you’ve made in BPA-free bowls with a fork and a spoon! Better yet, it comes with a small wooden spatula so you can flip, season, and brown your food to perfection. 

It also comes with all the tools and accessories you need to wash your dishes and properly stow them away when you’re done. The collapsible, easy-to-store design makes it small and lightweight enough to store our camping mess kit in a backpack, survival bag, hiking pack, or bug-out bag! These cookware kits are not just premier quality because they’re tough enough to handle any outdoor adventure, but because they bring a little warmth and comfort to your journey.

All-in-one set- perfect for outdoorFor solo backpackers
Compact and easy to storeMade of aluminum 

Primus Cookset: Stainless Steel Campfire Cookset

The Primus Campfire Cookset is a durable 18/8 stainless steel set of useful pans – a genuine workhorse designed to withstand years and years of service. Moreover, it includes a 21cm frying pan, a 1.8L and 1.0L saucepan, and two lids with integrated colanders that conveniently stack and nest for easy travel and also include a storage bag for easy carry. 

One of the main features of this Cookset is that the Saucepans have a handle that wraps around the pot when stored or unfolds into a standard pot handle, and the frying pan includes a foldaway handle that locks into place. Moreover, it features an aluminium-clad bottom to ensure even heat distribution.

Besides that, this extravagant set consists of a 1.8-litre pot and a huge 3-litre pot that slip inside one another for easy storage and are perfect for creating the staple outdoor pasta dishes we all love so much.

Moreover, both lids have integrated colanders, and the frying pan with its integral handle is ideal for browning off meat or frying off your full English breakfast. Once you are done, you can simply wash, dry, stack, and stow your Campfire Cookset in the provided storage sack, ready for another day.

Stainless steel makes it durableAluminum-clad bottom might not resist open fire temperature
Good built qualityNo non-stick coating

BeGrit Cookware: Backpacking Camping Cookware

Anyone looking for a complete setup to enjoy their meal in the woods should look no; further this camping cookware might be the best bang for the buck. The entire set consists of 8 pieces, which are by far the essential utensils you will need for your camping trip. With 2 pots, 1 frying pan, 1 plate, 2 reel edge plates, and 2 mugs, the cooking ware is an ideal choice for couples looking to spend time together and make memories.

The built quality is incredible. Each piece is made up of stainless steel that ensures durability and makes you tension-free from any rust in the long run. BeGrit promises that the cookware conducts heat quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to get the first bite of your meal after a long hike.

The folding design is perhaps the most amazing feature. The design ensures that the utensils don’t take a lot of space and can easily be taken from one place to another. Don’t we all want portability in all the survival gears we carry on our outdoor trips?

Stainless steel can resist high temperatureNo kettle included 
Great for 2 peopleVery small size 

Wuudi Cookware: Outdoor Camping Pots and Pans Set

Let me present you with an incredible value survival gear- Wuudi cookware. This two-piece set is one of the handiest pieces for your backpack. With an aluminium alloy pot and a bowl, you can enjoy your late-night meals near the campfire without any trouble.

The cookware is lightweight and compact, just what you need for your hiking trip. Unlike other heavy and bulky cookware, the entire set weighs around 224g, probably one of the lightest cookware on this list. The compact design makes it extremely easy to store, with room to spare for even a small camp stove in your backpack. So if you are one of those adventurous individuals who don’t like to carry a lot on a hike, this masterpiece is an ideal choice.

To top it all off, the cookware includes a mesh bag for storage and transportation. Wuudi also ensures you keep your utensils clean and hygienic, precisely why the company includes a loofah cleaning sponge. Once you are done with your meals you can simply wash, dry, and store the cookware back into the mesh bag. Convenient, right?

Easy to carry aroundNo cooking utensil
LightweightRuberized handles are short so the flames melt the plastic on them

Overmont Cookware: 1.95 Liter Pot & Kettle Camping Set

The luxury to enjoy a perfect afternoon tea, or even a proper lunch in the open is undeniably beautiful. Luckily, this list ensures all your dreams come true. Overmont camping cookware is what you might fancy if you are looking for a delightful dinner under the stars.

The cookware is an all-in-one package that includes a liter pot, frying pan, kettle, plastic bowls, a spoon, cutlery set, and a cleaning towel. You never know what you might need in the wild, and it is always a smart choice to be prepared for the worst. All your cravings, whether it is English breakfast or stew near the campfire, can be easily provided with this set of cookware.

Not only this, but the high-strength material for the cookware is certainly one of the highlighting features. The aluminum metal delivers a stable protective layer on the surface. With the rough and tough usage, this whole set of cookware will not betray you. Exactly why, this is the Best Camping Cookware for open fire without a doubt.

And don’t worry if you are thinking it will be a hectic job storing these cooking utensils, the cookware comes with a mesh bag that allows you to store all the pieces in it. Just go for it and enjoy your meal while sitting on Big Camping Chairs.

A complete set for camping tripItem sticks to the pan
Very light weightPlastic handles start turning hot

Winterial Cookware: 10 Piece Camping Cookware Set

Looking for a complete set of cookware that is easy to clean and store, you are at the right place. The Winterial camping cookware might be your cup of tea.

The 10 piece set includes a pot, frying pan, and even a camping coffee pot. For all those coffee lovers, this is the perfect cookware to enjoy their morning coffee while gazing at the exquisite scenery in the open.

What’s more, the cookware ticks the durability criteria. All the utensils are made of solid aluminum oxide which can withstand high-temperature. If you plan on cooking your meals on an open fire, the cooking utensils would be a perfect fit for you.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the non-stick coating. Each piece included in the set has a non-stick layer coating on it. This makes it easier to clean with limited supplies available in the open. While the Winterial camping cookware might weigh a little more than other cookware on the list, 1.5 lbs, it is still a good addition to your survival kit. Luckily for you, the cookware comes with a storage bag designed to store all the pieces conveniently. You can rest assured that it won’t be difficult to store the cookware.

Non-stick coatingAluminum can’t resist high temperature 
Compact and easy to storeHandles quality is not satisfactory

Tips for Cooking Over an Open Fire

While being prepared in every way possible for a camping trip is a wise decision, you can’t take everything with you with the limited storage capacity. Exactly why a true camper should know how to cook over an open fire. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best out of your camping experience:

  1. Choosing the right place for your fire: Fire can quickly get out of hand if winds pick up. So, choosing a safe area and the surrounding won’t help spread the fire is very important. Make sure there are no trees or power lines overhead.
  2. Building your fire correctly: To cook food evenly, you need a perfect fire. You need to make sure your wood turns into red hot coals before placing your utensils on top of it. Oak and hickory are the most popular choices of wood you might want while starting a campfire. Do not add all the wood at once if you want a long fire.
  3. Using the right equipment: The choice of material for your cookware is essential. Dense metal is ideal for retaining heat and distributing it evenly. Cast iron cookware is highly recommended if you plan to cook on an open fire.
  4. Do the food preparation at home: Preparing your food at home can make the cooking process easier. Slicing and dicing your meat at home can make the process a lot simple. You can use ice to maintain the meat and dairy products fresh.
  5. Do not cook directly over the flame: Cooking directly over the flame can only achieve one thing- burnt food. The intense heat cooks the dishes unevenly, neither safe nor appetizing.


What is an Open Fire?

Open fire is characterized as the consuming of any material wherein the combustion products are released directly into the air rather than through a stack or chimney. The fire is not enhanced by mechanical devices, extra oxidizers, or other material, the only fuel available is wood and oxygen for the combustion process.

Can you put Stainless Steel on an Open Fire?

Stainless steel might not be a popular option for hiking, but you can absolutely use stainless steel on an open fire. Stainless steel is highly durable and has a high heat tolerance of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. They are safe to use and do not leave any metal taste in the food. In fact, they are perfect for distributing heat evenly.

Can I Burn Anthracite on an Open Fire?

Yes, you can burn anthracite on an open fire, but it is not as simple. While anthracite is better in performance and heating, anthracite is hard to ignite. It takes time and patience to burn anthracite; however, it is among the hottest coal types and burns for a longer period of time at high temperatures.

Can You Use Nonstick Pans on a Campfire?

You can use non-stick pans that are suitable on high heat. Non-stick pan is the healthiest choice for food while camping because it’s a rust-resistant material.

Which Type of Cookware is Suitable for High Heat?

When looking for cookware suitable for high heat, cookware made from cast iron or stainless steel is the best material for high heat since these are super heat-resistant materials.

Can You Use a Regular Pan on a Campfire?

No, you can’t use a normal regular pan on a campfire because these are not suitable for a campfire. However, cast iron and steel pans will remain hot while cooking over a campfire because they are rust-resistant and retain heat.

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