Best Camping Cot for Two Persons in 2022

After a tedious day of hiking or adventure, everyone deserves to enjoy the night in peace and comfort. Camping cots are comfortable and effectively compact, making them an extraordinary sleeping solution. While it may not be as comfortable or as large as your California King bedding at home, your camping cot can be a genuine lifesaver for an incredible evening of rest under the stars.

The best camping cot for two persons isn’t just controlled by the cost; however, there are numerous different elements to consider. A large portion of the cots are for a single person; however, spending hours on research and considering many camping cots, we have compiled a list of top-notch camping cots for two persons for your next trip.

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8 Best Camping Cots for Couple or Two Persons

AwardCamping Cot Price
Air MattressColemanColeman Check Price
Cot for AdultsTETONTETON Check Price
Tent CotKamp-RiteKamp-Rite Check Price
Large BedDisc-O-BedDisc-O-Bed Check Price
For Two PersonsKingCamp-DoubleKingCamp Double Check Price
Elevated BedOutsunny-Portable-CotOutsunny Portable Cot Check Price
Self-Inflating Air Bed EZ-Air-MattressEZ Air Mattress Check Price
Double Tent CotKamp-Rite-CompactKamp-Rite Compact Check Price

Coleman: Air Mattress and Pump Combo

Take the comfort of an indoor bed with you when you rest outside on the Coleman Camping Cot. Simply connect the included 4D siphon to the Double Lock valve for simple, release-free inflation. When you locate the ideal firmness, the AirTight framework will help keep it there, since it’s factor-tested to be leak-free. The Comfort Strong loop framework gives throughout the night uphold.

It is more of a spot to lay down with two side tables with cup holders to effectively put your beverage, a snack, a magazine, or individual things on the two sides of the bed. A sewn-in cover keeps the airbed set up on the solid steel outline. At the point when you’re prepared to pack up, the Double Lock valve allows you to empty the bed simply, and it overlaps up into a convey sack for easy transport and storage.

Are you an enthusiastic camper? Possibly you appreciate terrace grills followed by time around a little fire to cook marshmallows. Even if you’re simply on the lookout for a temporary sleeping arrangement that can be utilized both inside and out, you’re going to need to consider the Coleman Camping Cot.

Sturdy frameMattress won’t hold air for long
Comfortable to sleep onThe cot can’t lock in place

TETON: Best Camping Cot for Adults

This exquisite camping cot is built with Reinforced steel S-leg assembly that not only strengthens the cot and provides stability but also makes this camping cot stylish. The biggest advantage of this camping cot is that it is portable and foldable which makes camp set up hassle-free. 

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep no matter if it is indoors or outdoors. This camping cot allows you to take the comfort of a bed to the outdoors and Sleep free from rocks and other unlevel surfaces when you use this lovely camping cot.

Moreover, besides being fashionable it’s also huge (larger than a twin bed) which allows it to support up to 600 pounds easily. Teton camping cots also give you the privilege of a warranty so you can enjoy your camping cot without any worries of wearing down or malfunctioning. 

It’s difficult to exaggerate how huge this camping cot is. It’s an extraordinary choice if you need to ensure you have a lot of space to move position or simply like the additional room. Truly, this could nearly be a sufficient bed for two individuals. So if you are looking for extra roomy cots, these might be the best camping cots for couples.

Enough space for an active sleeperThe end bar does not lock in place ending uplifting from the end
DurableFabric might sag 

Kamp-Rite: Best Tent Cot with Rain Fly

Kamp-Rite tent cot offers sleeping comfort for two adult individuals. It is built so that you are 11 inches (28 cm) over the ground, protected from insects and water. Remaining off the ground is vital for protection and dampness. It comes with a strong aluminium outline construction, particularly simple to set up which is a really big advantage of it. You have two doors and two windows and every one of them are with a mesh to shield you from insects.

The design of this camping cot comes with the liberty that it can undoubtedly be changed over into a lounge seat which you can easily use during the day. One more alternative is to utilize it similarly as a cot inside a standard huge camping tent if you need it so. The arrangement is simple, and the rooftop is upheld by two shafts that make an X-molded construction over your head.

The package includes a waterproof rain fly which completely covers the tent and the cot allowing you to get extra cozy. Overall this camping cot can be used as either a tent or a cot according to your feasibility which makes this cot one of its kind.

High build qualityLittle heavy to carry around
Easy setuNot water resistant

Disc-O-Bed: Large Bed with Organizers

This elegant camping cot is surely made by people who love to think outside the box. Firstly, let’s look at what this cot is made of. Its high-grade polyester sleeping deck provides a true contoured comfort with no middle brace with the popular opinion that no mattress is required. Its frame is made using rust-resistant and powder-coated steel that is robust, ultra-strong with a weight tolerance of 500 pounds per single cot.

This is not just an ordinary camping cot, it is versatile which allows you to use it as a bunk, a sitting bench, or two single cots, and it is completely portable and ultra-strong making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. There is absolutely no hassle to set it up as no tool assembly is required, and all parts are packed and stored in 2 convenient, zippered, canvas bags for easy storage and transportation. 

At the point when space is at a premium, the Disk-O-Bed Large is actually what you need, giving a steady and comfortable rest any place your adventure takes you. This flexible, all-set bankable bed, with its protected lock-in plate framework, makes for an easy, one-individual assembly that isn’t just tool-free, screw-free, and bolt-free but just requires a couple of moments to set up with easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions.

The best part?

You can also try affordable sleeping bags to be a happy camper. Astonishing isn’t it?

Highly versatile- use as bed or benchHeavy to carry around
Seperate space for two individualsTakes time to step

KingCamp Double: Camping Cot for 2 Person

The KingCamp Double camping Cot is an oversized cot with a lot of room for two adults. As the name suggests this cot is a double cot so it is ideal for couples or a mother with a child. The extra-large size of this camping cot allows two people to easily relax at the same time. 

Moreover, this camping cot is easy to handle and folds up for easy transport and storage. Moreover, the fact that it is collapsible does not imply assembly, this cot requires no assembly and it folds and spreads from the center making it very easy to use and helps you save a lot of time. 

This camping cot can be considered as one of the best two-person cots due to its many user-friendly features such as all metal surfaces are covered and so are the corners.

Moreover, there are elastic bands in all corners, which are supposed to fix the mattress which you would put on the bed. This cot bed is not only used for camping, patio, and pool furniture but also used in beauty parlours and reflexology workplaces. The travel bed is amazing to be utilized at the park, seashore, lawn, nursery, campground, or other open-air places. Make the most of your next experience with this hardcore bed.

Great for 2 peopleSteel bar in between might be discomfortable
Sturdy constructionFabric might sag due to heavy weight

Outsunny Portable Cot: Elevated Bed with Carrying Bag

Always have a comfortable place to rest while on the go with the best two-person cot for adults. The Outsunny portable camping cot has more than enough room for two people so that you and your friend can go on adventures without having to sleep on the cold, dirty ground.

Its sturdy, heavy-duty steel frame makes this highly durable with its 600D PVC oxford fabric, designed to be water and tear-resistant. The steel frame and durable Oxford fabric can hold up to 300 pounds in comfort, while the elevated design allows for proper airflow. Not only that, but it comes with a portable folding design and requires no assembly of any kind.

It also comes with a travel bag for easy storage, it’s easy to take this cot with you anywhere you go making it your best possible outdoor camping partner! The weight and the packed size infer that for outdoor use you will require a vehicle. For this situation, this is incredible equipment for any outdoor activity as long as you have an enormous enough tent for it. For home use, on the off chance that you have two sleepovers, this bed will do the work. At the point when not being used, simply store it in its carry bag.

Simple set upOnly supports 300lbs
Comes with storage bagFabric material not satisfactory

EZ Air Mattress: Self-Inflating Air Bed with Built-in Frame

This well-crafted EZ Air Mattress self-inflating air mattress is perfect for a good night’s sleep on any adventure you might embark on. This air mattress has a high-powered, built-in pump that quickly and effectively inflates and deflates the air mattress with little effort from you within just 3 minutes. Same with deflation. Just turn the dial and click the button. The bed does the rest; it even folds itself up. Its self-deploying frame automatically unfolds as it inflates, while 16 powder-coated steel legs provide a solid and secure base, allowing you to sleep with extra comfort.

The setup of the air mattress is fairly simple. Simply unzip the air mattress with bed frame from the compact, sturdy, and durable wheeled storage case, roll it out, plug it in, and then walk away. The most unique feature of this product is that it comes with an adjustable firmness allowing you to choose between plush, medium, or firm according to your need.

This mattress can be considered as one of the best mattresses in terms of comfort as its comfort coil construction provides unmatched stability. On top of that, it also comprises of a 1-year warranty against any defects that might occur in that time.

Highly comfortableWon’t stay inflated for too long
1 year warranty Bulky

Kamp-Rite Compact: Double Tent Cot w/R F DCTC343

The two-man Kamp-Rite CTC Double includes the 3-for 1 features of the Kamp-Rite CTC Standard, which allows the tent and cot to be used separately making it one of the best double camping cot. It sets up effectively and rapidly, and its elevated sleeping platform eliminates sleeping on damp or rough ground while giving protection from bugs and other annoying outdoor pests.  

 Its Heavy duty 210D tent and rainfly are designed to handle most wet weather conditions. The design comprises two zippered, polyester, and meshes entry doors, one on each long side of the tent, and the frame of the cot supports up to 500 pounds. This model is also collapsible so it can be nicely packed into a compact bag.

The Versatile design allows you to use your tent cot as a lounge, a chair, and a flat cot as well and the cot can be used separately, inside of a big family tent if you need it so, or it can be used as a separate cot at home, and as a bed in emergencies. On the other hand, the tent alone can also become your backpacking tool. The sturdy, collapsible frame folds down to a compact size for easy storage and transport.

Imagine you travel with your family camping and there is no electricity!

Even hard to imagine right?

That’s where you need a generator to charge your gadgets. So without further delay check out the list of Best small Generators for Camping.

Protection against rainDoesn’t lock in place
Keeps insects outUncomfortable due to centre support bar

Best Camping Cot for Two Persons Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to purchase a camping cot, comfort, weight, and portability are the most important factors. The most comfortable cots are generally heavier and not suited for being carried long distances. Very light and portable cots can be very expensive. Oversized or extra strong camping cots also come at a price premium.

Purchasing a camping cot is not simple as it appears, it can be extremely hectic but not to worry, this detailed guide will help you to pick the best camping cot for two persons as per your preference. 


One of the core components of a cot is its casing and support structure. Most camping cot frames are made of aluminum which is solid yet lightweight. Heavy-duty cots are made with steel outlines that can withstand heavier load before twisting or fizzling under a burden. Try to check the manufacturer’s weight rating before you purchase a cot. 

Camping cots are planned with three main leg styles. There are cots with vertical legs, military-style X legs, and legs associated with an even bar in a C shape. The last design is frequently found on less expensive cots and is more appropriate for indoor use. On the off chance that you plan on utilizing your cot inside a tent, you’ll need to ensure your bed legs have elastic end covers. It’s a typical issue for cot legs to puncture, tear, or generally abrade the floor of a tent.


Current cots are made of single-layer polyester or nylon texture, which is supportive and easy to clean. Avoid cots with a cotton material texture that is heavier and holds soil and stains. Yet, if you truly need that retro look, put it all on the line. You can likewise purchase cots with mesh texture cooler for warm-weather camping.


Camping cots depend on texture tension as well as spring frameworks to give a steady sleeping surface. Some tension frameworks are customizable so you can dial in your degree of support and comfort. Some spring frameworks can likewise be adjusted by adding, eliminating, or moving the supports.

As mentioned above, some cots accompany additional paddings. Some are extravagant to such an extent that they almost resemble recliners. These padded models offer additional comfort however are heavier and bulkier. Then again you can utilize a foam mattress or outdoors cushion for additional warmth and padding. This is a more flexible alternative.


The normal cot dimensions are about 25 inches wide and 75 inches in length when opened. This is generally enormous enough to accommodate most grown-ups. However, there are longer cots for taller campers and more limited ones assigned as youth models. Extra-wide cots are up to 40 inches across and these will in general be the heavy-duty models which also uphold the most weight.


Your average, aluminium outlined camping cots will weigh somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 pounds. Picking a heavy-duty, steel, or larger than average bed will add additional weight. Cots with additional cushioning will likewise be heavier. On the other end of the scale are cots that just weigh 2-3 pounds and are intended for backcountry use. 

If you are picking a cot for a permanent or semi-permanent structure, weight isn’t as large of an issue. However, the more you move around, the more you’ll need something that isn’t too heavy. 


All cots intended for camping will collapse to a degree for simplicity of transport and storage. Some fold over into little segments and others dismantle totally. The packed size and weight are what decide portability. 

The most portable cots pack down into the size of a 1-2 man tent and just weigh 2-4 pounds. These cots are even advertised as a feasible alternative for backpackers. The drawback to these moderate cots is that they ordinarily sit low to the ground, may have a lower weight limit, and may not be as durable. However, such is the situation with all outside gear designed to be lightweight and versatile. 

Most folding cots will accompany a simple carrying bag with shoulder ties to help transportation.


Packing your cot in is the first step. Setting it up is the next. The most simple cot designs are very straightforward; they just unfold along joints and snap into place. Your run-of-the-mill aluminum frame cots work this way.

More innovative cot designs require some slight assembly. You have to snap shock cord poles together, thread them through the fabric, assemble the tension springs, and insert them into the cot body. But even these more ‘complex’ cots are still a breeze to set up and only take a few minutes. If you can set up a tent you can set up a cot.


What Should I look for when Buying a Camping Cot?

A few features should be kept in mind when buying a cot for camping, as its size according to your height and the adjustment of the mattress. The mattress should be comfortable and adjustable, making it easier to manage while camping.

How Wide Is a Camping Cot?

Most of the camping cot’s width is 25 inches, but the bigger size cots are 30 to 40 inches in width. So when you are going camping with your buddy, the two-person cot is most suitable for you.

How can I make my Camping Cot more Comfortable?

Sleeping bag, sleeping pads, pillow, and cloth sheet can be used to make your camping cot more comfortable. Thus, you will be able to sleep well and be ready for the next day’s adventure.


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