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Best Waterproof Spray For Tent – Top 6 Sprays in 2022


What a messy morning mist falling night can cause? That when you’re peacefully lying in your tent while camping in winter. It will not only lower the inside temperature but create fuss all around.

Waterproof tents can be a solution. But they might cost you a pretty penny. Then how to effortlessly make your tent waterproof?

Below are the reviews of Best Tent Waterproofing Sprays that would help you fixing waterproofing issues while you’re camping.

6 Best Waterproof Sprays For Tent

AwardSpray Price
Heavy DutyKiwi-Camp-DryKiwi Camp Dry Check Price
Tent & Gear CleaningNikwaxNikwax Check Price
Silicon SpraySof-SoleSof Sole Check Price
Fabric Guard303303 Check Price
Stain RepellentStar-BriteStar Brite Check Price
Fabric SealerGear-AIDGear AID Check Price

Kiwi Camp Dry: Heavy Duty Water Repellent


The no. 1 product on our list is Kiwi Camp Dry Water Repellent. Why? Due to its unique features.

The first amazing fact is that the quantity is enough to waterproof all of your camping gear as the package comes with two cans of 10.5 oz. And one can is more than enough for your leather jacket or coat, a large tent, and two pairs of boots or sneakers.

The unique formula creates a tough barrier on anything you apply the spray. It strongly bonds to any fabric, even leather. Sprays usually leave a shiny texture on the fabric after application. But this is not the case with KIWI. It is dry and doesn’t leave any glossy finish.

It has a mist applicator that spreads the spray evenly and allows the surface to breathe.

On the downside, it is a slow tasker. You have to wait for a few minutes for the spray to set. So do spray it at least 1 hour before use.


  • High performance
  • Silicone protection
  • Dry formula
  • Ample quantity
  • Ideal to waterproof camp tents


  • Contain chemicals
  • Takes time to become fully efficient

Nikwax: Tent and Gear Waterproofing


What’s better than a product that besides waterproofing your tent also cleans it? Nikwax is the gem that not only acts as a water barrier but also removes dirt and contaminants from your tent.

Nikwax believes that for complete waterproof efficacy, the tent must be cleaned first. It is even a safe choice for your garments. To ensure that your clothing is free from any detergent residue, you can use this product.

The primary function of the product is to provide a durable and long-lasting waterproof effect to tent or clothing. It prevents moisture buildup when it’s snowing or raining outside. Also, if you use it on shoes or sock, it will not allow sweat to be absorbed and end up with stingy socks.

Without making your tent suffocated, it bonds to the fibres of the fabric and makes it breathable. It also protects against sun damage by giving UV protection. Hence, it improves the durability of the product.

Do you know?

Before the advent of Electric camping heaters, the glass chimney candle heaters were famous and widely used? Still, they are the best option and safe to use.


  • Cleans and waterproof your gear
  • UV protection to prevent sun damage
  • Biodegradable
  • No PFCs or VOCs
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • No added scent


  • Requires multiple applications
  • Stain lighter color fabric

Sof Sole: Silicone Waterproofer Spray


Are you tired of water stains on your clothes and a tent? Try this Sof Sole Silicone Waterproof spray. It is a heavy-duty product that ensures to waterproof large and tough tents.

The product promises to give a durable and long-lasting waterproof effect to save your tent from soaking in the water when it’s raining or snow falling down. It has 12% silicone in it that ensures a strong water barrier.

Not only prevents your tent from absorbing water but also deters oil and dirt from getting in. The best part is, it doesn’t leave any residue on the fabric.

On the downside, it is not ideal for suede boots or athletic shoes as it can discolour the boots due to its silicone-based formula.


  • Silicone-based waterproof spray
  • High performance
  • Heavy duty product
  • Doesn’t leave a glossy finish


  • Can not be used on suede
  • It discolors athletic shoes

303: Fabric Guard In Spray Bottle


If you’re worried about ruining your camping gear, then you can wholly trust this 303 Fabric Guard Spray because it is one of the best waterproof sprays for the tent. It is safe for natural and synthetic fibres.

One large bottle is enough to cover a large tent. It can also be used on boots, jackets, coats, car covers, umbrellas, and cushions. In fact, it can also be used on upholstery or patio furniture to make it waterproof.

Besides not affecting the colour of the product, it proves to enhance the durability of the product on which you’re using it. For example, if you use it on your favourite tent or boots, it will protect its colour from fading away and makes it last longer.

On the downside, it has an irritating odour.


  • Enhances the colour quality of the product
  • Waterproof the tent
  • Ideal to use on upholstery or patio furniture
  • Safe to use


  • Bad odour
  • The large bottle makes it tough to use

Star Brite: Waterproofing Spray


Are you worried about how your tent will survive under snowy weather? Try Star Brite Waterproofing Spray that helps you to fix waterproofing issues on tents, boat covers, car covers, and many more just with it.

This useful spray can be used on various things such as your car covers, boat covers, tents, sail covers, backpacks, jackets, and patio furniture covers.

Now you don’t have to worried about any colour issue because UV Protection maintains the colour and will not affect anything to your boat or car covers.

Applying this waterproof spray is very easy. Actually, you can apply it on your own by following these simple tips.

First, you’ll have to clean the surface with water, and then let it fully drain. Once the surface is fully dry, now you can simply apply the spray to the leakage area and let it dry for a night. With these simple tips and useful spray, you can bring your old stuff into a new working position.


  • Can be useful for tents
  • Dry finish
  • UV Protection
  • Easy to use
  • Stain Repellent


  • Toxic nature. Can damage plants.
  • No sprayer is included.

Gear AID: Seam Grip Tent Fabric Sealer


If you’re looking for the best fabric sealer for waterproofing a tent, then look no more. This fabric sealer, with its extraordinary properties, is made explicitly for tents.

When you take your tent to waterproof it from the market or try to buy a waterproof tent, it cost a pretty penny. But this is such an inexpensive formula to rehab your tent. The company claims to clear 85 sq ft tent, but it can be used on more than this area.

Besides drying tents, you can use it on coats, shoes, car cover, boat cover, bags, and much more travel gear. With an invisible finish, it provides your tent with a long lasting water barrier. It is very simple and easy to use. There’s no rocket science in using it.

Press the sponge tip down, and then squeeze it and you’re done. In the beginning, the surface gets damp. But after just a few minutes, it gets totally dry and forgets to get wet again.

It provides a water-tight seal that will keep you dry in the rain.


  • Budget friendly waterproof spray for tent
  • Easy to use
  • Provides water tight seal
  • Waterproof your camping gear within no time
  • Invisible finish


  • Just gives 4 hours of cure time.
  • Not ideal for large and tough fabrics.

How to waterproof a tent with a spray?

Whether you buy a waterproof tent, it will lose its waterproofing ability with the passage of time. So you have to make it waterproof by using the best waterproof spray for the tent.

What you’ll need?

  • Waterproof spray for tent
  • A damp cloth and a dry cloth
  • Water to wash the tent

4 Steps to waterproof a tent with a spray

We have made a step by step guide on how to waterproof a tent with a spray.

Clean it completely

The first step you have to do is to clean the tent. This is an essential step to consider prior to set your tent for spraying. To clean it, you can either wash it or use a damp cloth. You may also use a spray that can serve for both cleaning and waterproofing. Never put your tent in a washing machine.

Set up the tent

After cleaning it thoroughly, set up your tent. Open it up so that spray spreads evenly on each and every portion of the tent. Don’t apply waterproof spray on a packed tent.

Apply the spray

Before your tent dries out, apply the waterproof spray. The application depends on the type of spray you’re using. Whether it comes with a spray pump or other applicator, you have to apply accordingly. Spray it from a distance of few inches. Give a decent number of strokes and spread it evenly.

Wipe off excess spray

After the application, take a damp cloth or toilet paper and wipe off the excess spray. Then leave it for a few minutes so that it completely gets dry. And then use it. You can also perform a short test by sprinkling some water and checking its validity.


Does Waterproof Spray Work on Tents?

Yes, the waterproofing spray works magically on tents. Try a Star Brite, or Gear AID Waterproofing Spray on tent fabric and clean with a cloth. After that, please leave it to dry and follow the instructions for some time.

How Long Does Tent Waterproofing Last?

Every new tent needs immediate waterproofing, and after that, every 6 to 12 months, you need to do it again. Because tents are not waterproof and do not stay long without waterproofing.

Try a Kiwi Camp Dry spray because it works amazingly while camping.

Can Waterproof Sprays Increase The Life of My Tent?

Waterproof sprays prolong the life of your tent. These sprays form a protective layer over the tent to keep it safe from harsh weather conditions. Thus, the result is increased longevity and performance of the tent.

Here are some best proven waterproof sprays in our list:

  1. Nikwax
  2. Sof Sole
  3. Star Brite
  4. Gear AID
  5. Kiwi Camp Dry

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