8 Best Wool Blankets For Camping


Are you going winter camping to see the first snowfall? Or do you like travelling in the weather when there’s no need for colourful blooms because leaves are already looking like flowers?

Whether you love to reside between the snowy mountains or enjoy the shower of vibrant fall leaves, you’ll need a wool blanket for camping to save yourself from chilly temperatures.

Winter camping is fun not only due to the beautiful weather. But there are fewer crowds during this season that propels travellers towards campsites.

But finding the best wool blanket can be technical. To your rescue, we have come up with a list of the best wool blankets for camping.

8 Best Wool Blankets For Camping

AwardBlanket Price
Wool Fire Retardant EverOneEverOne Check Price
Thick BlanketArcturusArcturus Check Price
100% Wool EKTOSEKTOS Check Price
100% Scandinavian URBANARAURBANARA Check Price
Extra Large BlanketWoolly-Mammoth-WoolenWoolly Mammoth Woolen Check Price
Lightweight BlanketSpencer-&-WhitneySpencer & Whitney Check Price
Irish BlanketBiddy-MurphyBiddy Murphy Check Price
Thick Twin BlanketPendleton-YakimaPendleton Yakima Check Price

EverOne: Wool Fire Retardant Blanket

Fabric Type80% Wool
Weight3.45 Pounds
Dimensions66 x 90 inches

Are you an army brat? Even if not, you might have seen that olive green military blanket in movies. Ever Ready First Aid is exactly that warm blanket.

Not only its appearance is military, but the durability is also similar to the military blankets. Also, it is made up of 80% wool to trap body heat. The throw is lightweight, which makes it the best wool blanket for camping.

But don’t go on its light weight, it is warm enough to be your best friend in extremely cold conditions. The material is soft and comfy to give you a peaceful night. For more convenience, it is made up of fire retardant material, so you can safely use it even near the camp fire.

Blankets are not cozy when your half feet are out of it. But this is not the case with this blanket. It is 7 feet long enough to cover even the tallest person.

Arcturus: Military Thick Wool Blanket

Fabric Type80% Wool, 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers
Weight4 Pounds
Dimensions64 x 88 inches

If you are going winter camping with your partner, don’t forget to take this wool blanket with you. It will keep you warm in the snowy mountains while you cuddle with the love of your life. The large size is enough for a couple.

The material is extra safe for you if safety is a concern as it is made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. Moreover, no additional chemicals or fire retardants are added to the blankets. It is natural and made up of wool only.

Modern looking blanket is aesthetically pleasing, hence, giving you aesthetic vibes in the most amazing weather. It is loom woven and hemmed all over the sides with contrast stitching. And lastly, they are machine washable, making it easy to use.

What we don’t like is, it has a chemical like smell even after washing it many times. Maybe it’s the smell of the particular wool used in the blanket material.

EKTOS: 100% Wool Blanket

Fabric Type100% Wool
Weight5.5 Pounds
Dimensions66 x 90 inches

Another premium quality wool blanket ideal for camping is EKTOS Wool Blanket. It is loom woven with overlocked edges to prevent any fraying. Besides, the 100% wool blanket provides extra warmth to protect you from chilly temperatures in winter.

The thick and rugged design blanket is non-scratch-able and durable. While being heavy-duty, the blanket doesn’t forget its softness. It is made to give you a comfortable and happy sleep while outdoor camping.

The good news is that the material of the blanket doesn’t include any chemical even it doesn’t have any fire retardant in it. This might be a safety concern for a few people, but wool is naturally fire retardant, so that’s not a big issue to worry about.

What else? The blanket is washable. You can wash it either in a machine or by hand, and use it again. On the downside, it is heavier in weight.

URBANARA: 100% Scandinavian Wool Blanket

Fabric Type100% Scandinavian new wool
Weight2.42 Pounds
Dimensions55 x 87 inches

Are you looking for something unique to gift your loved ones? This striped blanket of the diamond weave is a perfect choice. The unique design is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Besides, it is made up of natural and authentic material. Pure Scandinavian Wool is used in it to make it extra cozy yet lightweight. The elegant piece is an excellent addition to your home décor.

Or you can take it with you camping due to its durable yet lightweight material. The material is made up of 100% wool. And usually, 100% wool is scratchy, but this one is not that scratchy. It feels soft on your skin.

On the downside, it has a foul odour of chemicals, but it goes away with a few washes.

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Woolly Mammoth Woolen: Extra Large Wool Camp Blanket

BrandWoolly Mammoth Woolen Company
Fabric Type80% Wool, 20% Nylon Polyester Blend
Weight4 Pounds
Dimensions66 x 90 inches

Have you seen your grandma knitting clothes in your childhood? This wool blanket by Wooly Mammoth is made up of knitwear wool. No recycled wool is used in the blanket that could compromise its quality.

Pure Merino wool made blanket is comfortable for your winter nights, especially during camping when there’s icy cold weather. The blanket’s staple is long enough and thinner. The edges are secured with classic yarn and polyester thread double stitch.

The blanket is twill weaved, which makes it durable. How? It covers the stains and makes dust less noticeable. Moreover, the milled finish creates fiber consolidation, giving it a rugged texture to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Besides being durable, the throw is comfy and soft to touch. It doesn’t cause any certain itching to your skin, even if your skin is super sensitive. On the downside, the blanket does not include fire retardants. So avoid using it near a campfire.

Spencer & Whitney: Best Lightweight Wool Blanket

BrandSpencer & Whitney
Fabric Type70% Wool, 30% Viscose
Weight1.5 pounds
Dimensions51 x 67 inches

Ever wanted to take your warm blanket as a shawl because it’s too cold outside? Now it’s possible with this 2 in 1 Spencer and Whitney Throw that can be used as a blanket yet a shawl.

What a great combination for your next winter camping? This functional tool will save your space of packing a shawl and throw individually. You can use it for both purposes.

It is made of 70% wool and 30% viscose. Why is the blanket not made 100% wool? Because such blankets have a texture that is itchy. Viscose addition gives it a soft and comfortable texture.

To enhance its beauty, tassels are embedded on its edges. Plus, the material is anti-allergic—no more sensitivity issues for Asthma patients.

The lightweight design makes it the best wool blanket for camping. And the size is perfect for single use.

Biddy Murphy: Irish Wool Throw Blanket

BrandBiddy Murphy
Fabric Type100% Wool
Weight1.65 pounds
Dimensions54 x 72 inches

What’s better than a throw made up of genuine lambswool? This blanket with Irish roots is made of sheep’s and lamb’s wool.

You’ll be amazed to know that the blanket merely looks like fleece, but it is warm enough that it could keep you cozy at -10. This is due to its authentic material and synthesis.

With deep colors, it looks really cool. The defined print on it makes it more attractive. It is ideal for single use. So if you’re going on a solo winter camping, take this with you. Or if with your partner, don’t forget to buy another one.

Besides being the best wool blanket for camping, it can also be used as a home décor item in fall due to its aesthetic. However, the lightweight blanket is portable and ideal for travel.

Pendleton Yakima: Thick Twin Size Outdoor Blanket

Fabric TypeLuxury fabrics in virgin wool, silk, cotton and more
Weight1 pounds
Dimensions66 x 84 inches

Winter is here! And all of us are in a hurry to buy some new warm blankets for this season. Why don’t you try Pendleton Blanket that keeps you warm and gives you the pure comfort you want.

You can carry this handy blanket with you on any travel or camping. Usually, this Pendleton thick blanket is made for camping and outdoor, which provides you with a cozy atmosphere. Now you can enjoy the comfort of this outdoor striped blanket anywhere you want.

You can use this comfortable blanket indoor also. Its best comfort can keep you all the way relaxed and warm while you are watching your fav TV show, reading a book, enjoying games, or going to sleep.

What is best in Pendleton Blankets?   It is a value for money with so many benefits. Due to its handy and soft design, you can take it anywhere with you to cover. At the same time, its unique design can fit on your camp sheets nicely. With its extended length, you don’t have to worry about covering your legs or head anymore.


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Final remarks

Winter camping is relaxed until the freezing weather disturbs you. So don’t forget to keep a wool blanket with you to have a peaceful and comfortable night. We hope our list of the best wool blanket for camping helped you find your favorite one.


Are Wool Blankets Good for Camping?

Wool Blankets are best for camping because wool is suitable for extreme weathers. Here we are discussing some excellent quality wool blankets for camping:

  1. EverOne
  2. Arcturus
  3. EKTOS
  5. Woolly Mammoth Woolen

Are Wool Blankets non-inflammable?

Wool blankets are less flammable than other blankets. The fibres of wool are fire-resistant, so they are less prone to catching fire. But, if the blanket is exposed to an intense flame, then there is a chance of an accident. So, it’s better to take necessary precautions near the fire.

What are the Warmest Blanket for Camping?

The best cold weather blankets for camping are wool blankets. These blankets are perfect to keep in the car while on road trips as well:

  1. EverOne
  2. Arcturus
  4. Woolly Mammoth Woolen
  5. EKTOS

How Can I Carry My Wool Blanket?

Most wool blankets come with a carry bag with easy-grip handles, making it easily for you to carry them. These blankets are lightweight, therefore you can hold them effortlessly while trekking.

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