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Camping alone as a woman: Safety Guide To Solo Camping For Beginners


Camping alone as a woman! Isn’t it the most difficult phrase? Something that takes your breath away but fears you at the same time. Whenever we hear this phrase, there’s an image formed in our minds.

An image of the sundown, the night falling. Silence all around. The weird noises of woodlands. Hooting of the owls. Maybe a wolf growling. But think about that peace of mind you get in solitude. Isn’t it fascinating?

Have you seen the movie Wild in which a divorcee named Cheryl plans to go on a solo trip? She faces many problems along her way, but she fought and survived. Can’t we be like Cheryl?

Is Camping Safe For A Woman?

Yes, camping alone is safe for women. Here I am sharing my own experience of solo camping for beginners.

I was 22, stressed from the dry life repeating each day repeatedly when I decided to go on an adventure. No one allowed me to go alone myself. Everyone questioned me, ’Will you go camping by yourself as a woman?’

I questioned again in their answer. Does a woman have no right to enjoy her life? Does she not have wishes to sleep under the stars with zero fear? Yes, she has her own desires. It’s her right! Then why fear the bad guys around? Or the wilderness?

After all this 2 hours dialogue, I got permission to go camping alone. It was my first time, so I had a two nights stay in the woods.

My experience made me realize that camping alone as a woman is not a tough row to hoe. That is why I am here to teach you that a woman is brave enough. She can fulfil her own dreams alone, without a man.

Main dangers you face while camping:

Three main dangers in your mind before solo camping are natural disasters, wilderness, and other human beings around you. The first two are not alone for a woman but a man; he is also scared of these hazards.

  • Natural disasters:

What natural disasters can occur during camping? Heavy rain. Flash of powerful lightning. A flood may be if you have a water body near your campsite. A landslide, if your campsite is in the middle of ice-capped mountains.

A blizzard, if you’re camping in winters. If the weather is too windy and your tent is near the trees, a tree drop. But these are rare and not likely to happen if you go camping with proper research.

  • Wilderness:

Wilderness is a word horrible in itself. And camping alone in the wilderness is not easy for any human being, either a man or a woman. You don’t know whenever an awful creature you haven’t seen before comes around you. Or you may encounter a giant bear.

Be well prepared with your protective gear to deal with such dangerous animals. Keep a bear spray handy in your bag.

  • People:

People are only a risk to women as men can deal with people without fear. But a woman is always afraid of sexual predators wherever she goes. You may get some nightmares about being sexually harassed, and you get up sweaty in the middle of the night. It will not let you sleep the remaining half night.

But believe me, you’ll get nightmares. Nothing like this ever happened to me while solo camping. The number of such reported cases is also low. Still, you should have some know-how of self-defence to cope with the bitter reality of our society.

A guide to camping alone as a woman:

  • Prepare yourself mentally:

People mostly think that going camping alone is merely for brave women or those crazy to test their aptitudes. No, every woman should experience solo travelling once in her life. For this, you have to make your mind. You have to disagree that a woman is a weak creature of God.

Picture yourself as a heroine of some movie who’s ready to take an adventure? Have you seen that brave woman in the movie Bird Box? If you have not, then you should. The way she fights with everything in her way will help you gain some confidence in yourself as a woman.

  • Camp at an area you are familiar with:

Once you have made up your mind, it’s time to plan the trip. And the first thing that comes is to choose the destination. Choose an area that you know very well. I know exploring new places is fun to do but save your adventure’s desire for further experiences.

You can’t afford any misfortune or risk-taking on your first solo camping. So try to choose a campsite where you have been before with your family or friends.

  • Check the safety guidelines of your campsite:

So you have selected your campsite. Now you must call and reserve your tent spot. Check the guidelines given by that campsite. Don’t go for unofficial campsites as a beginner. Check if there’s any fire hazard or wildlife near your campsite.

Also, search if there’s a lake nearby. It’s fun to camp nearby a lake. You can sit on the lakeside at night. Listening to the ripples of water. Watching the full moon. Thinking about life. How peaceful would it be for your soul, no? But still, if there’s a risk of flood or rainy weather, don’t go for a lakeside area.

  • Check the weather report before heading:

Checking the weather report is something you must do before finalizing your day of the trip, as well as before heading. Checking before heading your way is important because sometimes the weather shows sudden fluctuations for what you are not ready for.

And you have to pack accordingly. We’ll discuss the packing in the next paragraph.

  • Prepare your backpack in a way that you don’t need to ask anyone for help:

Now everything is final. Tomorrow is your departure! The excitement level is at its peak, but the fear level is doubled. In this medley of fear and excitement, make sure not to forget packing essentials in your bag.

If you’re going on a winter camping trip, you must pack some winter stuff like a blanket for sleeping and warm coats and jackets. So you don’t have to ask in the middle of your hike to favour me with a jacket. Remember, help is the trick of these people to get frank. Making new friends is okay. But avoid this on your first solo camping.

  •  Keep your protective gear with you:

While packing your essentials, make a list of things you have to take with you as protective gear. It includes bear spray, bear mace or knife, a person’s alarming device for sleeping, a headlamp, and an air horn.

Know how to use them. You can use a bear spray, mace, or knife for emergency purposes. It’s not like whenever you see an animal, take out your knife and just cut it out. It is solely for emergencies. The headlamp will help you to be focused on your path and give you light when it’s dark. 

  • Keep your first aid kit ready:

There are many thorns at the hiking site, and you may get a minor cut. Again, you don’t have to ask people for a bandage, so you must have it in your bag. Don’t forget to keep the basic medicines with you, like painkillers or diuretics.

  • Never arrive at your campsite in the dark:

It is the most valuable safety tip for you. Appearing in the dark means that you’re inviting trouble by yourself. It will make you feel uncomfortable as well as disoriented. You’ll not know how to set the tent in a hurry, where I should set the tent, etc.

There may be someone keeping an eye on you as you arrive because sexual predators appear at night mostly. Don’t worry. You’ll not get any predator by your side, but you have to take precautions as you can’t afford risks in any way. Make sure to arrive earlier, at least 2 hours before the sunset.

  • Don’t tell people that you’re alone:

Another important thing! Some people will tell you that it’s fun making new friends or finding your next hike partner. But in my book, it is not okay to trust someone on your first solo trip. Remove yourself from the situations that make you uncomfortable, lie about not being alone.

But with all this, don’t get afraid of strangers. If you encounter someone, don’t just freak out and run. Talk to him confidently. Lie that oh my friend is waiting for me, I have to go.

However, don’t tell your new friend your camp number if you find him on your way to hike. Maybe some dupe is waiting to take advantage of the situation.

  •  Keep in touch with your family on the phone:

I know you don’t want anyone to interrupt you and your beautiful journey. You were meant to be alone. You wanted to experience solitude. Not continuously taking your mother’s calls or texting your boyfriend.

But believe me, you have to. Here, I am not talking about being on the phone every second. At least let them know your plans before departure.

Tell them the exact place, your campsite, the mountain you’re going for a hike, your expected return. Choose a reliable person. Anyone you trust the most. Who’ll be at your back whenever you need it. Establish a code word to alarm them that it’s an emergency.

If you have service on the campsite, update him after a few hours. GPS would be an alternative to mobile phones, and it is strongly recommended to have one. Share your live location with that person.

  •  Know your limits:

Last but not least! Make it your rule to know your limits. If it’s your first camping alone, keep your night stay limited to one day. If you can hike 50 miles, go for 20 miles to solo backpacking.

Don’t try to overburden yourself or test your abilities. As I mentioned before, you need your first solo trip the best to gain confidence in travelling alone. You can’t afford risks!

Activities for camping alone as a woman:

Solo camping for beginners can be tough, so they must need something to divert their attention. Being busy in different activities will make it a fun time and help you forget about freaking out.

If you love to read books, take a book with you—I heard novels are the best companion, they don’t make you feel like you’re alone.

What helped me with my solo camping is my headphones. With your favourite beats in your ear, you’ll not have to hear those weird owls hooting.

Seriously, it’s so fun to camp till the sky turns into dark colours. There is considerable silence when the night falls. The only sounds you hear are the spooky woodland sounds you once heard in a horror movie.

So your favourite playlist will keep you busy as well as save you from making a horror scene in your mind.

How do I get over my fear of camping alone?

Believe in yourself that you can. Yes, if you’re a woman, you still can camp alone. It may be harder for you for the first time, but it will get over as you gain experience.

First, believe in your abilities. Don’t think that woman is not brave enough to step out alone. It is reckless! Don’t you know Junko Tabei, who conquered the world’s tallest mountain peak alone? If she can, why can’t you?

I am not saying you conquer Everest on your first solo hike. Just take baby steps, don’t try to exaggerate yourself on the first camping.

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Final thoughts:

Camping alone as a woman seems exhilarating and fearful at the same time. But don’t let your fears compromise your happiness. If you want to take a step for grooming yourself, for fighting your fears, take it.

Solo camping is something that will not only give you peace of mind but help you be a brave young lady.


How Do You Feel Safe Camping Alone?

To feel safe camping alone, follow the key points listed below to make the most out of your camping journey:

  • Prepare yourself mentally
  • Camp at an area you are familiar with
  • Check the safety guidelines of your campsite
  • Check the weather report before heading
  • Keep your protective gear with you
  • Keep your first aid kit ready
  • Don’t tell people that you’re alone
  • Never arrive at your campsite in the dark
  • Prepare your backpack in a way that you don’t need to ask anyone for help

Is Solo Camping Dangerous?

When you are solo camping, you will feel stressed at night because of dark and wild sounds. Try to be calm and relaxed while camping because you are going on a solo trip to experience confidence. Don’t allow your imaginations to ruin your solo experience. Just follow some safety measures and enjoy your trip.

What Do You Need for Solo Camping?

Make sure you are carrying camping gear according to your need. Here are some Must have travel accessories for solo camping:

  1. Backpack

It’s required for keeping all the essential materials and needs depending on the duration of your trip. Some things you can keep in your backpack include a torch, water bottles, food essentials, etc.

  1. Travel Luggage Organizer

When traveling alone as a woman, an organizer is a must. Since it will help you out to arrange the things you’re carrying out. Thus there will be no hassle while finding out the essentials on your trip.

  1. Travel Bottles

Water is one of the most important needs of people either man or women while on a trip. That is why water bottles are considered as the most essential things to carry on your trip while you’re traveling alone.

  1. Power Bank

Running out of power can be the worst thing that happened to you when traveling alone. Thus if you want your mobile phone to remain active for long continuous hours, a power bank is a must.

  1. Master Lock

Privacy of your backpack is as essential as keeping it away from the stealing problems. That is why it is suggested to carry a master lock with your backpack whenever you’re traveling alone as a woman.

Is It Safe to Camp Alone as a Woman?

Yes, It is safe to camp alone as a woman, and I have also experience in solo camping as a woman. The important is to follow safety measures and Must have travel accessories while camping.

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