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Best Rechargeable Portable Power Supply for Camping


Everyone likes to get out once in a while. Well, technology indeed is a marvelous gift, but having a break from it once in a while can be pretty relaxing. Well, camping is a better option if you want to spend some quality time with your family.

Camping requires certain things to focus on. One of those is the power supply. Well, there were days when people going on camping had to live off-grid whenever there was a shortage of power supply.

There are many items and equipment to be taken on a camping trip such as some small gadgets, a GPS, flashlights and all. Well, all these gadgets will require the Power to work on, and you cannot get long last on their battery.

These devices are not to ruin your camping trip but to make it more fun. This is where you will need rechargeable a Portable Power Supply to charge your gadgets when you need them. This way, you will ensure that you never run out of electricity juice.

So well, let us talk about such portable power supply options which you can take with you.

Top Rechargeable Portable Power Supply for Camping

So, here are some of the products you might want to check out before buying any other portable power supply.

AwardPower SupplyPrice
Fast Charging Check Price
Compact Design Check Price
Eco-Friendly Check Price
Light in Weight Check Price
Extra Cables Included Check Price
Built-in Cooling Fan Check Price
Built-in Safety Guard Check Price
Two Flashlight LEDs Check Price

Anker Powerhouse 200



  • Provides the facility to charge the device from solar energy.
  • A capacity of 57,600mAh with a battery backup of around 12 hours when running on minimum requirements.
  • Light in weight, best for camping and other adventures.
  • In-Built LCD Display to show the power level and also the input and output charges.
  • Supports a variety of electronic device charging.
  • Loaded with tons of safety features
  • Around 6.5 hours of charging time.
  • Supports USB Type C port for some devices such as Mac Books and iPhones.
  • Small and Portable measuring 7.5” *5.5” *4.7”, making it easy to carry along the travel.
  • Huge Charging Capacity of 57,600mAh
  • AC port and even car lighter port
  • Supports Solar Charging
  • Fast Charging
  • Cannot be taken on planes

AIMTOM 300-Watt Power Station



  • Compact, Light in Weight and best for travel.
  • A great powerhouse with a capacity of 300Wh and 75,000mAh.
  • The lithium-ion making makes it best for traveling.
  • Best for charging phones and even other electronic equipment such as personal medical devices, cameras, and even drones with super ease.
  • Portable with a high-power capacity.
  • In-Built LCD showing the Power remaining and even input and output power.
  • Can charge up to 10 devices without the risk of overheating, over current or even overvoltage.
  • Can be charged via a 12 V car socket, 60 W solar panel outlets or even a wall outlet.
  • Light in weight and can be used anywhere.
  • The battery features 4 USB ports, one 110/300W AC port, one 12 V Car-port, one 24 V output port and even three 12 V outputs.
  • Drains Power quickly

jackery Power Station 240



  • Provides conservative Power with the option to recharge from solar energy.
  • A capacity of 67,000mAh with a battery backup of 6 hours when used in power-saving mode.
  • Light in weight, this lithium-ion made battery is best for camping and other outings.
  • Best for plugged gadgets with a maximum power consumption of 200 watts.
  • LCD Display on the battery shows the battery status and also the input and output charges.
  • Quiet operation and environmentally friendly.
  • Can be paired with any type of solar panel.
  • Additional USB charging ports for phones and other electronic devices
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Tremendous Power on a full charge
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Automatic Shut-off feature to save energy
  • Ability to charge multiple devices at once
  • Takes relatively more time to recharge than others
  • Auto cut-off might be problematic at times

PAXCESS 151Wh Power Supply



  • The best choice if you are looking for a smaller option.
  • Being smaller makes it even lesser in weight and extra portable.
  • Can charge around 18 phones and a CPAP machine for around one or two nights.
  • Most affordable of all in the list, incredibly cheap.
  • Includes 2 USB ports, 2 AC posts and even 3 DC outlets.
  • Can be recharged from an AC outlet, car-port or even a solar panel
  • A capacity of 151Wh and 40800mAh with lithium-polymer make.
  • A manufacturer warranty of 12 months.
  • Extremely Good Capacity in relevance to the Size and Weight of the product.
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Can charge up to 2 AC devices at once
  • Silent Operation
  • Cheap
  • Not as much power as other products in the list
  • The modified sine wave inverter can even cause damage to the devices not equipped to support Modified Sine Wave
  • Battery backup is relatively low

PowerOak 400Wh Power Generator



  • The best option if you want to go with the lightweight category.
  • A capacity of 400Wh capable of powering devices up to 300W.
  • Includes a 300W pure sine wave inverter.
  • Consists of a total of 8 outlets – 2 AC ports, 2 DC ports, and even 4 USB ports, able to charge multiple devices at once.
  • LCD Display shows the remaining Power in terms of bars.
  • Includes a variety of cables such as a car-charging cable and even cable with alligator clips.
  • Includes a dedicated port for solar charging.
  • Is even capable of jump-starting a car
  • Can charge multiple AC devices at once
  • Includes solar charging port and cable
  • Automatic Shut off feature
  • Cannot be chained with other batteries
  • No percentage battery indicator

PRYMAX Power Station 300W



  • Compact and portable in size.
  • Light in weight Design.
  • Includes 2 USB ports, 3 DC Ports, 2 AC output ports, one cigarette lighter port and even a USB Type C quick charge port for devices such as Mac Books and iPhones.
  • Not just limited to charging the small devices, this generator can run a 32-inch TV or even a mini-fridge very efficiently.
  • The fact that this device offers a lower THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) makes it safer to use
  • A Capacity of 298W with an ability to generate 600W surge and 300W constant power output.
  • High Capacity supports charging of around 40 mobile phones with around 7 to 8 times charging of a laptop.
  • Advanced Solar generator technology
  • Low Noise and Gas Free Device
  • Super multiple ports providing the facility to charge multiple devices at once
  • Built-in smart and silent cooling fan along with LCD showing power remaining and output and input charges
  • No Solar Panel is included with the device
  • No availability of quick charge ports

CHAFON Power Station 330W



  • Being Different than the rest in the list, Chafon can be one of the top battery backup options you might consider.
  • It has a capacity of 346Wh with the making of a lithium-ion battery.
  • The make results in light in the weight and portability of the device.
  • The device can be recharged with any AC outlet, car-port or even from a solar panel.
  • Supports all types of solar panels.
  • Includes a 500W pure sine wave inverter.
  • Includes 3 AC, 4 DC and 4 USB ports, supporting multiple charges at the same instant.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12-months.
  • High Capacity can be used to charge up to 30 mobile phones and 9 hours of laptop usage.
  • Supports the charging of multiple AC devices at once
  • Can also be used to jump-start a car battery
  • Built-in safety guard from surges, protecting your devices
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Relatively Quiet operation
  • A little fluctuation in voltage can be seen at times which can be problematic for devices needing a minimum of 12V to run
  • A little more expensive than similar options

NinjaBatt Power Station 300W



  • The Best option in the cheap category.
  • A capacity of 288Wh, best for long travels and emergencies.
  • Being Lithium-ion made, it’s extremely light in weight and portable.
  • Supports multiple outlets for multiple device charging
  • An AC output of 110V/300W Pure Sine wave with 3 USB ports, 12/24V DC ports.
  • Have a fantastic display to show the remaining power and output.
  • Includes two flashlight LEDs.
  • Extremely Cheap
  • Can be Charged with Solar Panels
  • Works poorly with larger electronics (Not recommended)
  • No USB type C charging port or even a fast-charging port

Rechargeable Portable Power Supply  Buying Guide

Well, now we have talked all about the best ones in the town, why not have a look at the specifications you need to consider for the product while buying the perfect Powerhouse for you. So, here are some of them.

  • Device and Wattage

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying your device. This factor not only affects the Capacity but also the number of outlets, the battery will need as well. Also, consider the number of devices you will be charging from the power supply. Also, consider the amount of power drawn by each device to make sure you can choose the best one.

  • How to Recharge It

Also check in what way, the power supply can be charged. There are batteries that only can be charged with an AC or DC outlet while there are some which can also be charged from solar energy. The solar ones can be a bit expensive than others, but you will find its worth when your outing duration is extended.

  • Automatic Shut-Off

This is another crucial factor since, after a particular power drain, the battery should automatically turn off to save power. This will ensure that you will have some power for emergencies.

  • Battery type

There are many types of batteries available in the market. Because you will want to carry the minimum weight possible, a Lithium-ion battery will be the ideal choice since they are lighter than the acid ones.

  • Capacity

The last thing you want is to run out of Power at crucial points. So, make sure that your battery has enough capacity to ensure you of any emergencies. Also, having too much Capacity might result in additional weight and size. So, you should consider this carefully.

  • Size and Weight

This is the most important of all points. Remember that you are using this device as a source of reliance. You will not want this to be a burden. Having a device that is light in weight and small in size can be easily carried anywhere.

  • Durability

Camping can involve certain activities such as hiking, running, jumping, and some other sports events. Well, in this case, you will not want your device to go wrong. So, ensure that it is made of premium material to bear such possibilities.

  • Fast Charging

Another essential factor to consider while buying your device; having a fast-charging battery will not waste your time at all. You will be able to charge it anywhere and with ease. Ensuring that you will never run out of power.

  • Warranty

Well, if you are going with the right choice, you will also want some insurance with it. This is where the warranty plays a role. You will want insurance for the life of the device.

Why Buy a Rechargeable Portable Power supply for Camping?

There are a lot of advantages to having a Rechargeable Portable Power Supply with you. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Living Off the Grid

A Rechargeable Portable Power Supply comes most handy in cases when you are living off the grid. Taking the example of frequent travelers and campers, going off-grid is very common. If you have this device, you won’t run out of juice in other essentials such as Lantern, Flashlight, or even your communication device.

  • Working Remotely

In today’s world, the work is not limited to sitting in the office on a desk. You can work from any place as long as it’s comfortable for you with the help of a laptop and a phone. So indeed, you will need a power backup in case you run out of battery in them.

  • Ideal for Emergencies

Not only camping or traveling, but this device will also come in handy in case there is a power cut in your area. You at least will be able to charge the essentials for the due time.

Final Verdict

So, here were things you should know before going to buy a portable battery. So, make sure to consider these points while buying the perfect one for your trip.


Why do Portable Chargers take so long to charge?

A portable charger generally takes around 8 hrs to charge fully. The charging time varies according to the Capacity and Power of the Powerhouse. It can be even 4 hours for smaller batteries or even 12 hours for larger ones. The fact that these batteries take this much time to charge is because their Capacity is higher than smaller batteries which take 1 or 2 hours to charge such as power banks. These batteries also require a higher voltage to charge since some of them are even capable of jump-starting a car. The inclusion of an inverter in them also consumes some charge, making it need to reserve charge for itself.

How do you get Power when camping?

For minor tasks such as charging your phone once or even your flashlight, you can rely on your car’s battery. But in a case where you don’t have a vehicle or even are not close to a power grid which usually happens while camping, having a portable power supply will be your best option. There are even smaller options named as power banks which are sufficient to charge smaller devices such as cameras or smartphones. But being small, they won’t have a capacity reliable enough to charge your phone a couple of times. Instead, having a more prominent power source not only will be having enough juice but also will be able to charge even bigger Power consuming devices.

Why Need the Power Supply for Camping?

Well, if you have a lot of work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to go out. Well, you indeed can. You just have to make sure that you are reachable at all times. For this, you will want to make sure that your device never runs out of juice. Well, this indeed will happen, but you can avoid this by having a backup battery with you. This way, you can enjoy all you want while working too.

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